A centralized hub to provide a consolidated view of critical information and data analytics relevant to patient care and administrative functions.

How to navigate to Dashboard:

Click on the options and settings button and choose the dashboard option.

Demographics Statistics:

It displays the cumulative count of users, patients, and records within the organization.

Pending Tasks:

Shows the number of appointments for the day and the count of unread messages.

Upcoming Appointments:

Shows the overall number of appointments for that particular user/doctor.

Recent Patients:

  • Displays the names of the recently visited patients under the user/doctor.
  • You can also create a new patient by clicking on the create a new patient icon and you can also view the list of patients  by clicking on the view patient list button.

Visit Trends:

Shows a graphical representation for the number of patients created during the past few months.

Appointment Trends:

Displays a graph representing the number of appointments booked in the past few months.

  • Attended: Represents the number of appointments attended. 
  • Not-attended: Represents the number of missed appointments.

Recent Health Records:

Shows the health records added recently by the user/doctor.

Health Record Trends:

Displays a graph representing the newly created health records.

Recently Completed Appointments:

Shows the patient name, date/time of the recently completed appointments.

Recent Messages:

Shows the list of recently received messages by the user/doctor.

Monthly Revenue:

Shows the total revenue generated over the past few months.

Access Privileges:

The roles created and the number of users assigned to that particular role by an organization will be listed here