QR Code: - You can scan the QR code using a mobile or scanner to share/ view the patient and EHR information of a patient. Using this feature, the patient/ user can share the EHR/ patient profile information from their respective logins to a different hospital or to another device using the 75health EHR platform.

How to use this feature?
  • If the patient is already registered with your organization, you can scan to open the patient profile in a new tab.
  • When an unknown patient code is scanned, a new patient popup would open to enter their KPiD and confirm.
  • Once you place the cursor on the patient list, EHR list, or Billing list and scan the patient from your organization, the patient will be visible in the suggestion column.
  • When you place a cursor in the patient list, Billing list, or scan the EHR, the "Scan a valid bar code" alert would be displayed.
  • QR code will be available in the following places: Login page, Patient profile, Patient id card, and health record.
  • The same QR code will be available in the print copy of the EHR.