The notification feature can be used by the hospital administrator to add users who need to be notified once an EHR is completed in the hospital.

How to add and remove users?
  • Click on the settings button available on the left side menu or click the profile picture and choose it from the dropdown. Navigate to the Notification section.
  • Click on the checkbox available next to the On complete EHR notify user option to activate the feature.
  • Enter a few characters and search and select the preferred user who needs to be notified.
  • To add an additional user, click on the [Add user] button and search and select the user.
  • To remove a user, click on the [cancel] icon available next to the selected user name.
  • All the selected users will be notified when every EHR is completed in the hospital.
  • The notification message will carry a link to the completed EHR.
  • The notification message will be sent to them via the message module of 75health.