Our tele-doctor feature will enable you to connect with patients from anywhere at any time and provide them with health consultation.

Provider name search: Enter the KDiD, partial name, or email id of a particular doctor or click the dropdown key and select the required doctor from the list.

Patient name search: Enter the KPiD, partial name, or p: phone e: email ID of a particular patient to access their health record history, click on the search button and select the required patient from the list. By entering three or more characters, a list of matching patients will be shown for the selection

Click on the [New patient button] to create a new patient.

Contacts: List of the patients in your organization will be listed here in the most recent order.

Call History: The log of all calls with patients will be available here with the patient name/ KPiD along with the timestamp and call duration. The Missed calls, Received calls and Ongoing calls will be displayed in Red, Blue, and Green respectively.