File attachment helps a healthcare provider to store scanned copies of relevant document or test order reports by uploading and attaching them along with the patient's health record, and downloading them if needed for any future reference.

How to Attach?
  • Click on the add file icon and select the file from the destination folder or drag and drop the required files over the Add file icon.
Attachment Type
  • This indicates the attachment type. Choose any one of the types from the drop down list of clinical document types available such as Report, X ray, Scan, Sonogram, MRI, Blood Report, ECG, Old Patient files, others and Weblink.
  • Weblink : - Add and save weblinks related to the patient's health record here.

  • Enter the details of the file or any other information as a reference.
  • Click on More and choose fields from the list to include them to the Attach file form.
Source :
  • Record details of the source from whom the files / links were received.
Upload file:
  • Click on upload file and select the file from the destination folder or drag and drop the required files over the Add file icon.

  • Once uploaded, a small preview of the uploaded file will be available.

Hash value :
  • A hash value can be generated to uniquely identify the uploaded file
How to generate hash value?
  • Click on the edit icon  available next to any uploaded file.

  • Select the Hash Value option from the list to generate and view the unique hash value for the uploaded file.

How to View, Download, or delete a file?
  • Click on the [view icon, download icon, or delete icon] to view, download, or delete a file.

How to edit an Uploaded file?
  • Click on the edit icon  and make the required changes to the Attachment Type and/ or File Description.

  • Click on the [save icon] to save the updated changes or click on the cancel icon  to cancel and exit.

How to Delete?

  • Click on the trash icon to delete the file.
How to Download the file?

  • Click on the download icon file to download the file.

  • The supported file formats in attaching a file are txt, doc, docx, pdf, zip, gif, jpg, jpeg and png.

  • To successfully upload file[s], only the Upload File option is mandatory.

  • The edit option will allow you to only make changes to the Attachment Type and/ or Description field but the uploaded file cannot be replaced.

  • Once the WEB-LINK option is picked from the file type, the option to attach files will be disabled.

  • The Hash Value option will not be available for uploaded web-links.

  • Fields with active data will be visible when editing File detail even if they are not saved in your user preference for the form or if it was manually included by the user. This has been done to provide the user with accurate data of all relevant information for each file uploaded.

  • Multiple files can be uploaded.