Advance Directives
  • The detailed assessment of the visit or the future plan of treatment for the patient can be recorded here.
How to Add?
  • Click on  to add advance directives.
  • Select Type - Choose any one of the directive types from the dropdown list.
  • Description - Enter the description for the advance directive chosen above.
  • Click on the save button or  to save the details entered or click on  to discard details entered and exit.
How to Update or Delete?
  • Click on  in the list to edit advance directives.
  • Update the required details and click on [save button] or  to update or click on the  to discard the changes and exit.
  • Click on the  to delete an advance directive from the existing list of already saved advance directives.
To save an advance directives, all fields are mandatory.

Clicking outside/anywhere after adding data to any module will help you to save the details included. The Save/ Save & Add button will also allow you to save details.