• Amendments will enable users to include details of the addendums, corrections, and deletions of data in the EHR page.
How to Add?
  • Click on  to add an Amendment.
  • Select Source - Click and choose any source from the dropdown list.
  • Description - Enter the description of the amendment here.
  • Select Status - Click and choose any status from the dropdown list for the above added amendment.
  • Reason - Enter the description for the status here.
  • Click on the save button or  to save the details entered or click on  to discard details entered and exit.
How to Update or Delete?
  • Click on  in the list to edit amendments.
  • Update the required details and click on [save button] or  to update or click on the  to discard the changes and exit.
  • Click on the  to delete an amendment from the existing list of already saved amendments.
The amendment field will be enabled to add details only after the EHR ID is generated.

To save an amendment, all fields are mandatory.

Amendments can be added and modified even after completing the EHR.