Visit reason helps the health care provider to record a short note of the reason behind the patient's visit.

Go to the Patient's Health Record page.

How to Add?
  • Click on the add icon under the visit reason section to add visit reason.
  • Emergency Type - The Visit reason type triage can be updated here from the dropdown, you can choose Emergency, Urgent, Normal or Custom.
    Emergency Type-Custom: If the custom option is selected, a description field will be added to the form to enter the emergency type.
  • Visit Reason - Enter the visit reason for the patient.
  • Click on the tick icon to save the details entered (or) click on the back icon to discard details entered.
How to Update (or) Delete?
  • Click on the edit icon to edit Visit Reason.
  • Update the visit reason and click on the tick icon to update or click on the back icon to discard the changes.
  • Click on the trash icon to delete a visit reason.
To save a visit reason, filling the patient visit reason field is mandatory.

Multiple visit reasons can be added for the same visit.

Clicking outside/anywhere after adding data to any module will help you to save the details included. The Save/ Save & Add button will also allow you to save details.

The Emergency type triage Emergency, Urgent and Normal can be updated by Premium users, other users can also opt to upgrade their plan to premium from here. The Custom option is available for Basic and Premium Plans plan users.

The For Health records created with relation to an appointment, the visit reason module will be updated with the visit reason description and emergency status updated while scheduling the appointment.