Family health helps to understand health risks and prevent disease in individuals, based on the medical history of their genetics.

   Go to the Patient's Health Record page.

How to Add?
  • Click on  to add Family Health.
  • Relationship - This indicates the patient's family members health history that could be of clinical significance. Choose the relation from the drop-down list.
  • Family Health description (mandatory) - This helps the health care provider to search and add details from the ICD-10/ SNOMED codes list provided. Type a few characters for codes similar to the characters to appear in the dropdown to choose. You can also manually add details with your own description without using codes.
  • Notes - Enter any notes for the patient or any other information as a reference here.
  • Click on [save button] or  to save the details entered or click on  to discard details entered.
  • Click on [Save & Add] to simultaneously save the data entered and open a fresh form to add more Test orders.
  • Click on More and choose any field from the list to include it to the Medication form. Click on the  icon next to the fields to remove them from the form.
How to Update (or) Delete?
  • Click on  in the list to edit Family Health history.
  • Update the required details and click on [save button] or  to update or click on the  to discard the changes.
  • Click on the  to delete a details from the existing list.
  • Click on [Save & Add] to simultaneously save the data updated and open a fresh form to add more Family health history details.
  • Click on More and select notes from the list to update the Family health history form. Click on the  icon next to the notes field[non-mandatory] to remove it from the form.
  • To save family health history, Family health description field is mandatory.
  • On click, we display the most used descriptions by you to select and when you search for details by entering characters we display the most used history details by you that are relevant to the entered characters.
  • Once you click on more to include fields or click on the  to removed fields while adding or editing information and click on save, it would be saved as your user preference and appear that way until updated next time.
  • Double click on the  to remove fields that have existing data in them.
  • Clicking outside/anywhere after adding data to any module will help you to save the details included. The Save/ Save & Add button will also allow you to save details.