A warning call, alarm or an important message, where attention could be provided.

   Go to the Patient's Health Record page.
How to Add?
  • Click on  to add alert
  • Description - Enter the alerts of the patient which can be viewed in future visits until it is removed or updated
  • Visibility - Choice of Access can be selected from the dropdown.
  • Click on  to save the details entered (or) click on  to discard details entered and exit.
How to Update or Delete?
  • Click on  to edit alert from existing alert list.
  • Update alert description already there and click on  to update (or) click on the  to discard the changes.
  • Click on the  to delete an alert from existing alert list if it is not relevant any more.
  • To save an alert, description is mandatory.
  • Every time an alert is saved its background color changes to yellow as warning.
  • Everyone: Allows all professionals including doctors and staff
  • By doctors: Access given only to doctors
  • By me only: Only the particular doctor is provided access
  • An alert will be automatically displayed when the provider saves an information into the current EHR with relation to any CDS rule.
  • All CDS alerts will be saved and displayed in the alert module with a CDS label attached to them.
  • Click on the  and click on the [View CDS button] to view the complete details related to the CDS rule.
  • Click on the  to remove it from the current EHR or click on the [Back icon] to exit.
  • The visibility of the CDS rule cannot be modified from the default status 'Only to me'.
  • The CDS alert available in an EHR will be not visible in the next EHR similar to other Alert details.
  • Once the status of any CDS rule is updated as INACTIVE, all CDS notification[s] available in Alert module of various EHR[s] in reference to the rule will be automatically removed.
  • Clicking outside/anywhere after adding data to any module will help you to save the details included. The Save/ Save & Add button will also allow you to save details.