The list of existing health records of the patient with the health care institution is displayed in the most recent order.

  • Click on the  ellipses icon and select “My EHR” to generate a list of the Health Record created by you alone.
Patient name Search : Enter the KPiD, partial name or p : phone e : email id of a particular patient to access their health record history in the patient name search field and select the required patient from the list. By entering three or more characters, a list of matching patients will be shown for the selection.

Provider name search Enter the KDiD, partial name, or email id of a particular doctor or click the dropdown key and select the required doctor from the list.

Filter : Reports of health records added to the system can be generated.

How to filter health records ?
  • Click on the filter button.

  • Date Created: Select the preferred Date Range to generate a report of health record[s] created in that duration.

  • Time Filter: Select the preferred Time Range to generate a report of health record[s] created in that duration.

  • Problems: Search problem[s] using ICD codes and SNOMED to generate reports of patient[s] diagnosed with them.

  • Symptoms: Search symptom[s] using ICD codes to generate reports of patient[s] associated with them.

  • Admission Type : Select the preferred Admission type[s] to generate a report of health record[s] created with those admission type[s].

  • Appointment Status : Select the preferred status to generate a report of health record[s] in the chosen status.

  • Appointment type:  Select the preferred appointment type to generate a report of health record[s] created with that appointment type.

  • Reports will be generated and updated by clicking the apply button in the health record filter.
  • For Problems, multiple ICD codes can be added to generate reports.
  • All or multiple report filters can be selected or added simultaneously to generate reports accordingly.

Click on the [New health record button] to create a new health record.

The overview of the patient medical history list will provide you with their last visits Reason, Symptom, Diagnosis, Prescription, Test order, procedure, and Vaccine. Click on any health record from the list to get more information of the particular health record and optionally modify it.

  • If a particular medical record has been completed, it can only be viewed but not modified.

  • Click on the more button available in the bottom to view more EHR's from the list.