Click on the [New Patient] button available on the Patient page.

Create Patient account :

  • First name: The first name of the patient to be entered here.
  • Last name: The last name of the patient to be entered here.
  • Gender: Click on the dropdown and choose the gender of the patient.
  • Birthdate: Click on the field and select the date of birth of the patient (optional).
  • Email: Enter the patient's email id (optional).
  • Country Code: The country code to be saved here (optional).
  • Phone: The patient's mobile number to be saved here(optional).
  • Click on [Create Button] to save the details entered or click on [Cancel Button] to discard details entered and exit.

  • To create a new patient first name, last name, and gender details are mandatory
  • Once a new patient is created, a unique KPiD is generated for patient identification.
  • Once the email Id is entered and saved, an activation link will be sent to the provided email Id. And after the link is activated by the patient, they can have access to their patient account.
  • Once activated, the email ID of the patient cannot be modified or removed by the provider, email updations can only be done only by the patient.
  • Once a valid phone number is saved, a confirmation text will be sent to the patient's mobile via SMS informing them about his/her account creation.
  • Reminders and notification messages will be automatically sent to the contact details[Email & Phone] of the patient during scenarios such as appointment confirmation, cancellation, visit complete, referral, etc. if provided.