Follow the below-added directions to create/ update or remove an invoice;


Click on the Add Item/Service button or the already saved Item.

  • Item/Service: The item or service for billing can be entered here.
  • Price: The pricing information can be entered here.
  • Quantity: The quantity of the item can be entered here.
  • Click on the save button or tick icon to save the details entered or click on the back icon to discard details entered or click on the trash icon to delete.
Favorite: You can directly save a detail that you have entered to the favorite folder by clicking on the star icon available in the window.

How to add?
  • Click on the favorite icon, and click on the Save button.
  • To assign the detail to a label, click on add label and choose your preferred label to store the added details.
  • Confirm by clicking on the checkbox available next to the label and click on the x icon.
  • If you need to create a new label, click on Create New Label from in the Select label window and create a new label.
  • Add the name of the new label and click on the tick icon to create the label.
  • To remove a label that has been selected, click on the trash icon available in the selected label.
  • To save the details and add it to the favorite item, click on the save button or tick icon, and click on the back icon to exit.
How to utilize the favorite item?
  • Click on the Star icon to view the favorite item list.
  • Click on the add button available next to the saved details to add it to the list
  • Click on top of the saved detail to edit or delete it.
  • Click on the ellipsis icon to view the label list, and select your preferred label to view and use the details saved in the label.
  • Click on the cancel icon to return to the main menu.
  • You can rename/delete a label by clicking on the pencil icon available in the Select label window.
  • You can add the same detail to many labels simultaneously.
  • The details saved as favourites will appear in the most recent order in the favourite folder.
Once a new bill is generated a unique Invoice ID is generated for future identification/reference purposes.

The amount cannot be manually entered, it will always be automatically calculated and generated.

Once an amount is saved for a bill it will appear in the balance due list.