How to view the list of Patients associated with a Health Care Organization?

The list of existing patients with health care organization is available on the homepage and you can also click on the patient option from the left side menu. The list is displayed in the most recent order.

Search: Enter the name, KPiD, p: phone, e: email, birth date, and/or a: address of a particular patient to access their information, click on the search button, and select the required patient from the list. By entering three or more characters, a list of matching patients will be shown for the selection.

Click on the [New patient button] to create a new patient.

The overview of the patient list will provide you with their Name, KPiD, Phone, Email, Address, Gender, and DOB. Click on any patient from the list to get more information about the particular patient and optionally modify it.

Recent: - Click on the ellipsis icon and choose recent to view a list of the recently browsed patients along with the accessed timestamp details.

  • A list of 15 patients will be available, click on more to view more patients.
  • The timestamp details of the date/time the patient was accessed will be available below the Birthdate of each patient on the list.
  • The Archived patient[s] will not appear when searched from respective places in the account.
Report: - Click on the [Report Button] to search and view various reports of the patients in your hospital.

How to Generate Reports? Search for patients using their name, mobile number, address, birthdate, KPiD, or email. Click on [Search More by button] to generate more advanced reports.

Gender: Select the checkbox next to the preferred gender[s] to generate reports accordingly.

Blood Group: Select the checkbox next to the preferred blood group[s] to generate reports accordingly.

Marital Status: Select the checkbox next to the preferred marital status[es] to generate reports accordingly.

Birth Date Range: Select the preferred Date Range to generate reports of the patient[s] born in that duration.

Date created: Select the preferred Date Range to generate reports of the patient[s] created in that duration.

Label: Search and select the preferred label[s] using the already created label name[s] to generate reports of the patient[s] assigned to them.

Problems: Search problem[s] using ICD codes and SNOMED to generate reports of the patient[s] diagnosed with them.

Symptoms: Search symptom[s] using ICD codes to generate reports of the patient[s] associated with them.

Death Date: The death date and time information of the patient can be added or updated here.

Record Date & Time - Click on this button to automatically record the current date and time from the system to the Date and Time field preferred Date Range to generate reports of the patient[s] who have died in that duration.

Archived: Select the preferred type to generate reports of patient[s] Archived, UnArchived, or both.
Click on the [print button] to print these reports and/or click on the [export button] to export the generated reports

  • Reports will be generated and updated once filters are applied and do not require you to click on a search button separately after applying them For Gender, Marital status, and Blood group, all or multiple checkboxes can be checked simultaneously to generate reports accordingly.
  • For Problems, multiple ICD codes can be added to generate reports.
  • Clicking on the Both option in the Archive filter will enable the users to view the complete list of patients.
  • All or multiple report filters can be selected or added simultaneously to generate reports accordingly.
Export - Export patient profile information.

How to export?
  • Click on the export button or click on the ellipsis icon and choose Export from the dropdown in the patient list.
  • Once selected, a CSV file with the profile information of all patients you have saved to the system will be exported.
Import - Import patient profile and health information into your account.

How to import?
  • Click on the ellipsis icon in the patient list.
  • Click on Import from the dropdown and select the preferred import type.
Profile CSV - You can import patient profile details by uploading CSV files.

How to Import Patient CSV?
  • Click on the Choose file button and select a file from the desired location or drag and drop the preferred file.
  • Click on the 

     available next to sample data to download and collect information on how to arrange data in the document that you prefer to import.
  • CSV is the only permitted file format to import patient details here.
  • The data cannot be successfully imported if there is even a small change from the formatting type provided in the sample file.
  • For every unsuccessful import, the system will notify you with a detailed error message to rectify in the uploaded file.
  • We support importing CSV files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora, and some other EHR Applications.
  • All uploaded details will be available in the patient list page.
CCD Import - You can import patient profile and health record details by uploading CCD -XML documents.

How to Import CCD documents?
  • Click on the Upload CCD-XML button and select a file[s] from the desired location.
  • Once uploaded, the details of the number of uploaded file[s] will be available.
  • View: Click on the view button for a more detailed preview of the uploaded details for a patient. Click on the back button to return to the main preview page.
  • Here, if the patient's name in the uploaded document matches with the patient[s] already saved in your account, you will be notified to associate the record to the patient.
  • A drop-down will be available for you to choose the preferred patient and assign the uploaded document. Click on the cancel icon next to the selected patient to cancel.
  • Click on the cancel icon available next to each file to remove it from the page and cancel the import of the file.
  • Click on the Finalize button to confirm the import.
  • The import window will keep you informed of the importing process and once it is completed, you will be notified. Click on the back icon or Close button to return to the application.
  • CCD-xml document[s] and single or multiple ZIP file[s] consisting of CCD-xml document[s] are the only permitted file formats to import details here.
  • There is no limit on the number of file[s] that can be uploaded during each import.
  • The option to view or customize and assign the uploaded files will be available only for uploads of up to 25 files during each import. For uploads of more than 25 files, all the files will be automatically imported and patients will be created.
  • The imported details cannot be modified or deleted here.
  • Patient[s] with the same first name and last name in both your 75Health account and imported CCD-XML documents only can be associated.
  • All uploaded details will be available in the patient list page and EHR page.
  • Please make sure you have a stable internet connection during the complete import process
  • Once the import process is completed, the metrics of the number of successful and failed files that have been imported from the uploaded documents will be available.